Chin Implant

Chin enhancement or genioplasty is the procedure designed to reshape the chin. It adds fullness to a receding chin. It improves the contours of chin & jawline in proportion & balance with your facial features. It is commonly combined with other facial surgeries like rhinoplasty or face lift to achieve a better facial balance.

Who Are The Candidates For Chin Enhancement ( Implant)?

If you are not happy with your ´weak` & receding chin and you think your lower face lacks proportion & balance with your overall facial features then chin enhancement is the option. It can-

  • Correct a weak or recessed chin.
  • Improve definition of the neck and jawline.
  • Improve harmonious balance of facial features.

The Procedure Of Chin Enhancement (Implant) surgery

Chin implant is a simple day care procedure. A small incision is made either underneath the chin or inside the mouth. Through this incision, a space is created for the chin implant that fits around the chin bone. The implant may be fixed in position with one or two screws into the chin bone.

Recovery After Chin Implant Surgery

  • There will be minimal pain or discomfort after chin implant surgery which will be easily controlled with pain killers.
  • If you have incision inside mouth, then you are advised to use frequent antibacterial mouth washes. Avoid hot & spicy food. Drink liquids through straw or eat semisolid food for a day or two after surgery.
  • You are advised to sleep face up with your head elevated for one week.
  • There may be minimal swelling over operative area which is expected & usually resolves in one week.
  • You can resume your work after one week.

How Will Be The Scar Of Chin Implant Surgery?

The scar of chin implant surgery is a small & usually hidden under the chin. If incision is taken inside mouth then there will be no visible outside scar.

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