Dimple Creation

Dimples are considered as symbol of beauty. Those who have dimples, always flaunt them as trademark of their million dollar smile. Dimples are actually small defects in cheek muscle & people are born with them. Though you are not the ´lucky´ one who is born with dimples, still that cute & enviable smile can be yours with a simple procedure of dimple creation surgery or Dimpleplasty.

How Dimple Creation Surgery Is Performed?

Dimple creation surgery is a simple procedure done under local anesthesia. The position of the dimple is carefully selected in a location that best suits the patient’s wishes. Through a small incision taken on inner side of mouth, gap is created in cheek muscle like the one that exists in natural dimples. The undersurface of skin at the site of dimple is anchored to layers of cheek muscle.  The healing process causes the tissues to fuse, creating a dimple.

Recover After Dimple Creation Surgery

Recovery period after dimple creation surgery is short. There may be some discomfort & swelling for initial 2-3 days. But with time, swelling subsides & skin becomes more soft. Initially dimple is prominent even when you are not smiling. After few weeks the dimple becomes more natural & subtle, appearing most prominently when smiling.

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