Lip Augmentation

Fuller lips with an accentuated border are often considered as a symbol of beauty & youth. As lips lose fullness, the corners of the mouth also tend to sag giving a sad appearance to the face. In some, thin lips may be a family trait but in most thinning of the lips occurs with advancing age. Now days lip augmentation has become very popular. A variety of non-surgical and surgical options are available to enhance the volume and shape of lips.

Why Consider Lip Augmentation?

If you are not happy with appearance of your lips and you think they are thin & disappear on smile, then lip augmentation can enhance their look. The certain changes lip augmentation can bring are-

  • Restore volume of the lips so they appear fuller & more youthful
  • Improve balance between upper & lower lips
  • Smooth vertical lip lines.

What Are The Various Options For Lip Augmentation?

  • Injections – fillers-This is most commonly used method of lip augmentation. Various biocompatible dermal fillers like hyaluronic acid are available today. These fillers can be injected under no anesthesia or local anesthesia as an office procedure. Treatment takes only 15-30 minutes, recovery is brief & result can be seen immediately. The result lasts for 4-12 months. Fillers can boost lip volume, enhance lip shape, and smooth vertical lip lines around mouth.
  • Fat injection-This is also called fat transfer. Fat is taken via liposuction from another area of your body and injected into your lips. Injections may need to be repeated till you get desired result. But once the final result is achieved, it lasts for many years & no further injections are required.
  • Lip Implant-Implants made up from various biocompatible material can be inserted in lip by a small procedure under local anaesthesia. The result is more predictable & lasts for few years. The recovery period following this procedure is 2-3 days.
  • Lip lift-The lip lift procedure may be used to shorten an excessively long and thin upper lip. This procedure involves removal of skin from hidden portion of nose. This results in more exposure of upper teeth.

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