Mega Sessions

How many hair follicles are too many?

What is a Mega Session

A Mega Session is a hair transplant procedure that involves the transfer of 2,000 or more hair follicles in one sitting. With time, even techniques have dramatically evolved allowing more than 2,000 grafts to be transplanted just in a few sessions. For patients with advanced hair loss patterns, the more grafts transferred in one session, the better. As technology progresses, patients look forward to more advanced methods of grafting to bring about the desired results much before time.

Another factor that increases the pace of the grafting session relies on the capabilities of the surgeons, specialists and technicians to transfer the maximum number of follicle units per square centimeter to the balding area. To acquire thick and natural results, the technician must decide the number of units to be transplanted without overcrowding the spot at the risk of it appearing artificial.

Having an understanding of just the right amount to transfer comes from experience, and at Radiant Aesthetics, we put together a team of best hair specialists to work on accomplishing a natural-looking outcome.

Spreading the follicle units across the scalp appropriately could just be the difference between a successful Mega Session and a poor one.

Advantages of a Mega Session

  • The patient has to appear for fewer hair transplant sessions
  • Experienced hands ensure great results
  • Minimized tension on the surface of the scalp leads to reduced scarring
  • Better results with time

Who is a candidate for Mega Sessions?

To perform an effective procedure, the Mega Session must be performed by experienced surgeons and hair specialists. There should be more than one doctor in the grafting phase to speed up the process of hair transplantation thus reducing the need for more sessions. A single doctor could probably take a number of days to remove 2,000 grafts while a number of hands could perform the same in a duration of 8 – 12 hours.

Finally, what you need is a team that understands your needs for hair transplant and that’s why we provide our patients with an experienced team of Trichologists that deliver ultra-refined results.

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