Orthodontics Treatment

Life’s great when your smile’s straight!

An Orthodontist aligns the teeth, straightens it to improve your appearance so as to spread the biting pressure over all your teeth. The Orthodontist looks after the gum, jaw joints and the overall health of your teeth.

On your first visit to the Orthodontist, you will be consulted and are required to undergo an initial examination. The examination will help determine the seriousness of the condition and what type of treatment it would involve.

Walking into an Orthodontist’s clinic can seem overwhelming, however, you’re only a few steps away from flaunting that perfect smile.

What is the procedure of an Orthodontist?

  • Get examined!

    The Orthodontists examines your condition through a series of tests, evaluates your condition and recommends a type of treatment

  • Ready for braces?

    The Orthodontist uses 3-D imaging to diagnose your conditions. Between the teeth, spacers may be placed to create space for the braces.

  • Be braced

    The Orthodontist places the braces and fits the wires, bands and brackets to the teeth.

  • Get it checked

    With the help of the braces, the Orthodontist intends to set your teeth in an ideal position and monitors your progress through timely check-ups.

  • Be unbraced

    Once the braces have moved the teeth to its ideal position, the braces are taken off. This can happen between 12 to 24 months of wearing the braces.

  • Wear retainers

    This is the sixth phase where the Orthodontist advises you to wear retainers in the final stage of your treatment.

What are the types of Orthodontic treatments?

An Orthodontist has a number of techniques to set one’s teeth in place. Some of the treatments include fixed as well as removable devices such as clear aligners, wire and clear ceramics, archwire and mouth guard.

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