Tips on Different Hair Re-growth Treatments

Hair loss or baldness before aging can be the outcome of diseases, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and sometimes hereditary. One of the commonest causes of baldness is progressive hair thinning, medically termed as androgenic alopecia occurring mostly in males. However, the amount and patterns of hair loss is likely to vary, ranging from male pattern alopecia, alopecia universalis to alopecia areata. Very often clinically proven hair regrowth treatments for men can be the best answer to hair loss. Some men have even taken resort to undergoing surgeries and using wigs. However, with the advancement in medicines a lot of products have been released in the market. Based upon the severity of your problem you are suggested to pick the one.

No matter what solution you choose for your baldness, make sure that you get yourself clinically checked. Hair growth treatments vary from the prescription drugs, hair implants to OTC treatments such as midoxidil. Also, you can try various shampoos, conditioners and oils that intend to solve your hair loss issues. A lot of people are taking corticosteroid injections and ointments to treat alopecia. Immunotherapy could also be an effective option in which a chemical solution is administered to the region of bald skin. In case, these treatments are not effective for you, hair implant can be considered.

However, not all people like to opt for chemical based treatments. They can therefore consider natural hair growth solutions. While most people look outside for treatments, they tend to forget that their kitchen can have perfect solution for their problems. The first and foremost effective treatment could be hair oil massage. Hair and scalp massage works to increase blood flow to hair follicles and condition the scalp. Besides, they increase the strength of hair roots. Additionally, it boasts relaxation and lessens stress. You can use almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil or amla oil.

Besides, application of Indian gooseberry, popularly known as amla, can be very good for hair growth. It is particularly good for those who are suffer from deficiency of vitamin C that can be another cause of hair loss. Also, amla has antioxidant, exfoliating and antibacterial properties helping in maintaining a healthy scalp. Aside, you can apply fenugreek paste on the scalp as it helps in rebuilding hair follicles. Since it contains nicotinic acid and proteins, it stimulates hair growth.

Onion juice treats hair loss as it contains sulfur helping to improve blood circulation and regenerating hair follicles. The antibacterial properties present in onion juice kill parasites as well as treat all sorts of scalp infections causing hair loss. You can even apply aloe vera juice to promote healthy hair growth. Its alkalizing properties will bring the scalps pH and will restore it, whereby growing hair.

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