Children Dentistry

Every child deserves a healthy smile

At Radiant Aesthetics, we encourage parents to bring their kids to the dentist for a checkup as soon as their teeth start to appear. It is important to teach the child healthy dental habits from a young age as this will help prevent problems later in life

Fluoride is applied to safeguard your child’s teeth from developing tooth decay. The fluoride painted on the surface of the teeth helps mineralize the teeth and fissure sealants are applied to prevent tooth decay.

Children immensely benefit from healthy teeth. They chew better and more nutrients enter their bodies. Children that learn the importance of oral health have a lower chance of dealing with diseases in the mouth. Preventative dentistry means less extensive and less expensive care thus, ensuring your child sees cavity-free days ahead.

We offer comprehensive oral healthcare to ensure your child even as a teenager continues to enjoy healthy and confident smiles.


When should I take my child to the dentist?

We recommend that you bring your children between the ages of 6-9 months.

Should I bring my children often?

Children’s teeth are more prone to tooth decay because baby teeth are soft and still in their growing phase. Preferably, every 6 months the child should be taken for a dental check-up.

What treatments do Paediatric Orthodontists provide?

  • Preventative care such as cleaning and fluoride treatments
  • Recommendations in diet and nutrition
  • Repairing of tooth defects
  • Straightening teeth and correcting an improper bite
  • Treating ulcers, gum diseases and paediatric periodontal diseases
  • Examining oral health
  • Dentistry

  • Orthodontics Treatment

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